The New National Theatre TOKYO is doing Free Streaming “NNTT at Home” for theatre lovers .

The New National Theatre Tokyo (NNTT) at Shibuya has been distributing video recordings of their performances for a limited time and free of charge as “NNTT at Home” (巣ごもりシアター), starting April 10. Following the opera, a ballet production will appear in May.

The ballet productions are “Manon“, which was canceled at the end of February after a very successful performance, and “Don Quixote“, which was scheduled to be performed in May 2020. You can watch “The National Ballet of Japan (NBJ)” in the comfort of your own home. If you missed it or were planning to watch it, please check it out.


Opera Eugene Onegin

24 April, 15:00 – 1 May, 14:00 JST
Performed in Russian with Japanese subtitles.

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Ballet Kenneth MacMillan’s Manon

1 May, 15:00 – 8 May, 14:00 JST

The National Ballet of Japan is long-awaited revival of “Manon” was performed in February 2020, after an eight-year absence. Comming soon, you can see streaming at home!

Ballet Don Quixote

8 May, 15:00 – 15 May, 14:00 JST

The National Ballet of Japan’s beautiful col de ballet (group dance) can be enjoyed to the fullest in this popular classic ballet Don Quixote. It’s a program worthy of a sunny early summer theater viewing. you will be spending great time at own home with exotic music, colorful stage design and costumes. Comming soon.

The National Ballet of Japan

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I’m so happy for the opportunity to see the work for free. I hope this opportunity will reach people who have never been interested in opera or ballet before. NNTT is asking for your feedback by using the hashtags “#巣ごもりシアター” and “#nnttathome”.