You can experience the Unko Museum for free online starting May 1!

“Unko Museum Online” will launch on May 1 (JST). You can enjoy the popular contents of the Feces Unko Museum TOKYO in the comfort of your own home. And a popular souvenir “gummy poop candy” will be sold at a special price in the official shop.

What is content there?


IMAGE / Unko Museum

“Unko Shutter” is a popular game in which you have to take a well-timed picture of unko moving at various speeds. Do you think you can get a nice shot?


IMAGE / Unko Museum

In this area, you’ll find unique and pop design wallpapers with a unko museum theme that can be used as video conference backgrounds and more.


IMAGE / Unko Museum

You can see the unko illustrations by famous people at the unko museum online! Normally, you have to go to a museum to see these works.


IMAGE / Unko Museum

“UNBERTO” the guardian god of the unko museum will stream live on instagram-live. Follow the official Instagram account and wait for.

Visit Unko MuseumIt's scheduled to open at 1 p.m. on May 1 JST.

Unko museum shop with great deals for now only!

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Unko Museum TOKYO is currently closed. Along with that, the expiration date for Unko food sold as souvenirs is approaching. The official shop is having a sale on Max 47% off & free shipping in Japan, so it’s a great deal. The sale ends Friday, May 1.

Visit official shopThe language of the link is only Japanese

It’s a great chance to see the popular Unko Museum for free! Enjoy it at home.🏠

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