Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan opens a support information webpage for people involved in the arts and culture.

They have release a special page and contact form to provide support for those involved in the arts and culture affected by Covid-19. It is mainly in Japanese, but it may help artists working in Japan. Use Google Translate to check it out.

Support information contact website
This is Q&A page.
*Only japanese language.

There are cases where they say difficult due to the specificity of the culture and the arts industry. even if people involved in culture and the arts actually go to each system to apply for or consult with them. The purpose of the contact form is to assist them.

When you need help, you can report your situation to them through the email form. You can try to contact in English by it. They will consult with each of the experts to see if there is any way to respond.

They don’t reply to each other individually, including Japanese people contact. However, if there is an information update that matches your problem, they will contact you. Especially if you’re a freelancer, you might be able to get some tips.

Visit contact form directly.The language of the link is only Japanese

I think the number of artists and art professionals from overseas staying in Japan is getting increasing as well. For example, an instrumentalist, singer, dancer, photo, stage director or manager, lighting and sound and costume designer and so on.

This contact point is dedicated to assisting arts and culture, so if you are struggling with the impact of Covid-19, please look at this.