If you live in Chiba and have any concerns about COVID-19, let’s use the multilingual AI chatbot .

It is not advisable to go to the public health center when you are not feeling well because of the crowds. If you live in Chiba Prefecture, take advantage of this. Foreigners living in the country can get the information they need 24 hours a day in multiple languages.

Use the chatbot on the Chiba Prefecture New Coronavirus Countermeasure Site to find out about hospitals and information on infected people in each prefecture.

How to use it?

Enter your question into the chatbot that appears on the site. Six languages are supported. Japanese, English, Chinese (繁体字 and 簡体字), Korean, Thai.

SCREENSHOT / 千葉県 新型コロナウイルス感染対策サイト

Choose a language and find out what you care about.

SCREENSHOT / 千葉県 新型コロナウイルス感染対策サイト

You will be able to select the option of reading aloud from the gear menu in the upper right corner.

What information can I find out?

*Multilingual information on new coronaviruses
*Multilingual information on the “Declaration of State of Emergency” based on the Act on Special Measures against New Coronaviruses (to be posted in the future)

The site will also read aloud at the same time. In Japan, it is common to run into language barriers at telephone and health center counters. Let’s use these services conveniently!

Visit PageThe language of the link is only japanese.