Easily make Japanese traditional fermented food “NUKAZUKE rice bran pickles” in only 90 minutes at home.

If you are interested in macrobiotics, you may already know the Japanese fermented food “Nukazuke ぬか漬け”. My mother also likes to make it and often eats it when she comes home. This is Japanese mama food! If you’re a Japanese food connoisseur OTAKU, you’ve probably had it at least once.

However, it is a little troublesome when it comes to making it by myself. That’s fine if you love to cook, but maintaining a Rice bran bed (Nukadoko 米ぬか床) at home requires daily care and can lead to moldy growth if neglected. It’s also difficult to adjust the taste because it can be sour or salty. I also failed once and haven’t made one since.😥

This time, we’re going to introduce some recommended items for those who don’t want to keep their heavy rice bran in a big Tupperware container in the refrigerator.

You can buy it in Japan for 1,080 yen including shipping (*Some shops are able to ship internationally.). It only takes 90 minutes to make, so it’s perfect to try. If you love sake, why not give it a try at home as a “Otsumami” snack?

What is Nukezuke?

It is one of Japan’s unique fermented foods. In Japan, there are many foods related to unique fermentation, such as miso and soy sauce and so on. Nukazuke has its own characteristics in each region of Japan and its makers. The flavors and ingredients vary depending on the climate and climate of the area, as well as the creator or Japanese mama thoughts and preferences.

Even Japanese people who like nukazuke have different tastes in the ingredients they put inside. Vegetables that don’t have a strong flavor are common and easy. Carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, paprika, turnips, and celery are popular in Japan as well.

Nukazuke lover some japanese people

Those who are used to making Nukazuke will nukazuke various ingredients anyway. As a variety, avocado, okra, zucchini, boiled egg, cheese (mozzarella cheese seems to be recommended), Momen Tofu (Firm or cotton tofu), Chicken breast, sashimi, natto, konnyaku, apple, and banana (!) and so on.

I can also try avocado, boiled egg, and cheese.

“Nuka bijin” is a dry freeze rice bran pickling bed that allows to make only the amount you need.

It’s an item called “Nuka bijin ぬか美人”. You don’t need to worry about storage, so it’s also easy for beginners to use nukazuke. Japanese moms also say in their reviews that it’s easy and delicious.

Easy to make!

Put 2 tablespoons of “Nuka Bijin” (about 25g) in a plastic bag, put 30ml of water in it and rub it lightly. Ziploc is recommended.

Cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces and place in a plastic bag; about 100g of vegetables can be made with 25g of rice bran powder. For example, two cucumbers or eggplants and one carrot.

Put them in a plastic bag and soak them at room temperature for 90 minutes. Tips: Once you get used to making it, you can adjust the time and amount of rice bran powder to suit your own taste in salt.

Remove the vegetables and rinse them. It’s done!

👉Tips: As a basic rule of nukazuke, the shorter the time to pickle, the easier it is to eat because the salt is thin. If you like it salty, try allowing it to pickle a little longer.

Where can I buy it?

BROOKS sells Nuka bijin online. This company wholesales coffee to offices in Japan and has a branch office in Taiwan, so you may be familiar with the company logo. If you live in Japan, you’ll receive the first trial set price for 1,080 yen.

Contents of the trial set
*Large bag 175g : 1 pack
*Individual package (1 serving) 25g : 3 packs
The total is about 250 grams. That’s about 10 meals.

Buy now trial set in japanThe language of the link is Japanese Buy now AmazonThe language of the link is English Do you live other country? You can buy it here.The language of the link is English


If you translate from the web page to Google, you can check the content in own language. When you purchase, you will be asked to enter a password and register as a member, but there is no problem even if it is just a one-time purchase. You can purchase with a credit card.

I bought it!


The trial package I bought last week arrived.


The instructions on the back with in English. The recipe that came with the package said that it was also recommended for preparing fried chicken. It seems to be rich taste and delicious.

Prepping a fried chicken with a Nukabijin (Serves 2 or 3)

*Nukabijin / 75g (7 tbsp)
*100ml of beer (water is also acceptable)
*chicken thighs / 300g

Step 1: Combine the above ingredients and mix together. Let it sleep for about 90 minutes.
Step 2: After 90 minutes, rinse with water to remove the water. Finish the prep!

Do you want to know more about Japanese nukazuke?


“Nagi no Ohima 凪のお暇”
Author: Konari Misato

This was dramatized in Japan in 2019 and is still a popular and much talked about manga. The main characters she keep the nukadoko that has been passed down through the family for generations. Inspired by this story, a petit nukazuke craze has also occurred among Japanese women. It’s only in Japanese, but you can read volume 1 on Kindle unlimited right now.

Nukezuke Meister

Ms. Miho Oyu : 大湯みほさん

She was a celebrity, but after inheriting her late grandmother’s rice bran bed, she is now holding events and workshops all over the country to promote Japanese tradition and fermentation culture Nukazuke as a “Nukazuke meister”. Here’s her Instagram.

Have you become interested in Nukazuke? You can challenge the Japanese fermented food nukazuke with Nuka Bijin which is easy to make. Try adding some of your favorite.😋