Food sharing service “TABETE” in Japan

TABETE is a Japanese food sharing service that aims to reduce food waste. TABETE’s mission is to make everyone happy by making it user-friendly, shop-friendly, and environment-friendly. And they describe it as “to rescue” rather than to buy.😊

For example, if a bakery, you can buy a cheap assortment of bread that is likely to be discarded that day during the hours from evening until closing. If an izakaya, they can make use of surplus ingredients or meat scraps to offer a one side dish or bento at a good price. The content will vary depending on the conditions of the shop on the day.

The meaning of the service name “TABETE” is a combination of the Japanese word for “食べて (tabete) means please eat” and the user word for “食べ手 (tabete) means eater”.

You can use it on iOS app and Android app and website. It is recommended to use a website that can be translated.

Note: This service is not a delivery service, you need to pick-up food to shop.

Visit TABETEThe language of the link is only Japanese

Where areas can I use it in?

The following area are currently registered with TABETE. There are many shops in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Ishikawa and Aichi now.

Hokkaido (北海道)
Aomori (青森)
Miyagi (宮城)
Yamagata (山形)
Niigata (新潟)
Fukushima (福島)
Ibaraki (茨城)
Tochigi (栃木)
Gunma (群馬)
Saitama (埼玉)
Chiba (千葉)
Tokyo (東京)
Kanagawa (神奈川)
Ishikawa (石川)
Yamanashi (山梨)
Shizuoka (静岡)
Aichi (愛知)
Shiga (滋賀)
Kyoto (京都)
Osaka (大阪)
Hyogo (兵庫)
Okayama (岡山)
Ehime (愛媛)
Kochi (高知)
Fukuoka (福岡)
Okinawa (沖縄)

What foods are available?

A variety of restaurants such as cafes, bakeries, izakayas, Japanese washoku restaurants, and yakiniku are registered with the service. The lineup are rice bowls, bento, one side dish and dessert etc.

How do I use it?

First you need to log in and register, which is easy because you can do it with your Facebook account.


Step 1.
Select a area to find a shop and menu.


Step 2.
Select the time and quantity and proceed to payment.


Step 3.
Check the time and amount and pay in advance with your credit card.

Step 4.
Pick up at the store at your appointment time. If you do not understand the ticket display, I think it is good to show the login screen to the staff in the shop.

Each prefecture is also cooperating.

TABETE is a Tokyo-based service that was launched in 2018. Since then, the service has gradually spread to Fukuoka, Osaka, Yokohama, Fujisawa, Hamamatsu, Kanazawa, and other areas throughout Japan in cooperation with the local community.

The language is only in Japanese, but why don’t you reduce food waste in Japan? There may be a rescue food item near your home or business that you can rescue. I hope you’ll use it.🍩