Have you heard about the #SafeHandFish project that started in Japan?

Do you know these little fish containers that are so familiar in Japan? In fact, this container is a soy sauce pitcher, which is familiar in Japanese Bento. This product has been in use since April 20 as a “mobile disinfectant and antibacterial solution”.

This container originally contained soy sauce and was used to season the Bento. However, due to the influence of Covid-19, many banquets and events were cancelled. With no longer being in demand for lunches and catering food, they have a lot of these condiment containers left over.

At the same time, demand for antimicrobial and antimicrobial solutions is increasing and stocks are tight in the Japan city. Or, even if you have a stock of antiseptic and antibacterial solution, you’re running out of containers.

So, Clear Electronics Corporation, a sales company for bactericidal solution, Ohshiya Corporation, which manufactures and fills small containers, and adot Inc. is in charge of planning and creative work have collaborated. And then the project #SafeHandFish, which recommends “mobile disinfection,” has been launched.

PHOTO / ClearElectron

クリア電子 株式会社

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IMAGE / Ohishiya

Ohishiya Co,. Ltd.
株式会社 大石屋

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IMAGE / adot

a dot co.,ltd
株式会社 エードット

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At some restaurants and bento delivery is hand out this cute sanitizing solution! You can sanitize your hands, fingers, and other worrisome areas before eating.

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Restaurants and Services that join of the project in tokyo.

French restaurant located in Yoyogi Uehara.
Setagayala toil
A French bistro restaurant near Ikenoue Station.
Ebisu and ShibuyaMo:take BENTO
A bento catering service limited to the Ebisu area in Shibuya.
Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, etc.Potluck
A subscription-based take out application for lunch and dinner.

Maybe a delivery service will get it to you? Here’s hoping that a small and cute idea will prevent the spread of infection.

Rakuten Grobal