Japanese SAKE “C’est la vie” from Paris, France

Made in French, but Japanese sake?? WAKAZE is the first Japanese company to establish a sake brewery in Paris, France called “KURA GRAND PARIS”. Sake “C’est la vie” made by this company produced in Paris, will go on sale in Japan on May 15. The rice, water and yeast all come from France.

About SAKE “C’est la vie” from Paris

SAKE "C’est la vie"

This is a sake brewed by WAKAZE at a Paris brewery. The product name “C’est la vie” is an idiom that means “this is life” in French.

It has a refreshing citrusy acidity and a minerality due to the hard water from France, and is best drunk chilled below 5°C. It goes well with dishes such as marinated salmon. All the ingredients – rice, rice malt, and wine yeast – come from France.

Price: 1,920 yen (+ tax) / 750ml

Where can I buy it?

Online reservations will begin on May 5.

Visit online shop
*The language of the link is only Japanese.

It will be available in shops across Japan from May 15.

Shop list

Hokkaido: グランヴァンセラーすすきの, グランヴァンセラー東急, 宮本商店, 酒乃矢 稀八, 津畑商店 酒舗七蔵, 銘酒の裕多加

Aomori: そうま屋米酒店

Iwate: リカーショップコンノ, 吟の酒 きぶね

Miyagi: 岩手屋まるいち酒店, 仙台三越

Akita: アキモト酒店, 酒のえびな, 酒屋まるひこ

Yamagata: LaJomon, 株式会社丸俊 まるごと山形, 金森酒店, 山形の地酒 梅川, 八木橋商店

Fukushima: リカーショップ旭屋, 渡辺宗太酒店

Ibaraki: 小野酒店 研究学園店

Tochigi: さいとう酒店, 日本酒専門店 ましだや

Saitama: マツザキ 新宿店, マツザキ 中福店, 酒舗おおば, 川越角屋酒店

Chiba: IMADEYA千葉本店, IMADEYA千葉エキナカ店, ふじはら酒専門店, ますよし酒店

Tokyo: IMADEYA GINZA, IMADEYA SUMIDA, 未来日本酒店 KICHIJOJI, 未来日本酒店EBISU-MITSUKOSHI, 未来日本酒店/KUBOTA SAKE BAR, 小田急ハルク, 勝鬨酒販, ふくはら酒店, 鈴木酒販 三ノ輪本店, 朧酒店, リカーポート蔵家, 株式会社モトハラ, 桑原商店, 三益酒店, 半田酒店

Kanagawa: 横浜君嶋屋, ほまれや酒舗, リカープラザ越後屋, 酒ショップnitto

Toyama: 田尻本店

Nagano: 北村酒店, 萬屋酒店

Shizuoka: 酒屋せりざわ

Aichi: 酒泉洞堀一 Shusendo 本店, Shusendo Mini 伏見地下街店, 美味良酒マルア, 酒のふじや

Hyogo: SAKE FROMAGERIE 香醸, 酒のてらむら

Nara: 登酒店

Wakayama: エシュリー

Tottori: 有限会社田中知義商店

Hiroshima: 酒商山田, 福原酒店

Fukuoka: 酒のひさや, 和酒専門店 ユナイテッド ファーファ

Why is there a Sake brewery in France?

WAKAZE has already opened its own sake brewery and restaurant in Sangenjaya, Tokyo. But what was the reason for building more sake breweries overseas?

They says “Sake exports continue to grow at a steady pace. However, if you look at the total shipment number, it continues to decline every year, and the number of manufacturers of sake continues to decline. And while the sake industry is still in the doldrums, it is nearly impossible for new entrants into the Japanese sake market.”

So why in france?

  1. It is easier to obtain a license to make sake than in Japan.
  2. They would like to expand our sake to the world by making it locally.

Then they set out to brew in France for these two reasons.

Breweries in Paris
Photo / WAKAZE

KURA GRAND PARIS, the sake brewery they set up near Paris in November 2019, not only produces it locally, but also serves as a cultural hub for japanese sake.


“Making Japanese SAKE
into a worldwide alcoholic drink”

At the moment, only a handful of people know about Japanese sake and are enjoying its taste, both in Japan and elsewhere. However, by providing a new choice of sake to people all over the world, we aim to create the biggest revolution in the history of alcohol. Moreover, by “making Japanese sake into a worldwide alcoholic drink”, we aim to create a new value in the world, and continue to spread surprises, smiles and excitement to the dining table all over the world.
Visit WAKAZE Brand siteThe language of the link is English

Check out their Instagram for France (@wakaze_france) also. Culinary pairings with “C’est la vie”, as well as a description of its production in France. This is a sake with very unique roots. Why not take the opportunity to enjoy some French Sake?