Reusable and cheaply Japanese masks are now available.

There is a shortage of masks around the world and prices continue to rise. I’d like to buy one too, but it’s hard to buy it at the list price.😵

The other day, Japanese company SHARP started selling masks online. However, due to the flood of orders, they had to hold a lottery to sell them.

Amid such news, “Kawashima Seisakusho (河島製作所)” in Osaka, a manufacturer and distributor of plastic products, has developed “Kawashi Mask Ag+ (カワシマスク Ag+)”, an elastomeric antibacterial mask that can be used repeatedly. It will go on sale on April 24. And will be priced at 638 yen (tax included). International shipping is also available!

This mask is designed to replace the mask filter with an item that we are all familiar with. For example, tissues, handkerchiefs, gauze, etc. This is a reasonably priced product that I’m very happy with, even though there is a lot of negative news about the mask.

What is Kawashi Mask Ag+?


The body part of this mask is made of a soft elastomeric resin. Elastomeric is a plastic material that is as soft as rubber or silicone and is also used in baby products and food storage containers.

Washable and reusable.

Antibacterial ingredients keep you clean.

Soft material and fit to your face

Disaster prevention supplies
For prepared in case of a disaster.

This mask can be washed in water or with a mild detergent and used repeatedly. Because it is made of plastic, it dries more quickly than non-woven or cloth masks.

I will be buying This Kawashi Mask Ag+ as well. Kawashima Seisakusho is able to ship to Japan and overseas. Let’s try to check!

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