#StayAnicom project take care of your pet free of charge, if you have a coronavirus.

“What if I get the coronavirus, who does take care my pet ?” Anicom Holdings, Inc. will take care of your pet free of charge if the owner has to live in a quarantine facility or during a hospitalization.

This “#StayAnicom” project was started to help pet owners ease their fears a bit. This company is the parent company of Anicom Insurance, which provides pet insurance in Japan.

You can apply for this project without their insurance. You can rest assured that your pet will be taken care of by Anicom’s volunteers, mainly veterinarians.

Why this project?

With the spread of new coronavirus infections, the question among pet owners is “If I get infected, what should I do with my pet?” There is a widespread anxiety about this. There is probably no other facility that can take care of a infected person’s pet for a long time.

The project will start in the Tokyo area, but if you wish, they will consider other areas as well. They says They plans to expand the scale depending on the number of owners, the area and the circumstances.

How do I sign up?

StayAnicom’s pet-takecare-only form to apply. Any owner who has contracted the coronavirus and can’t take care pet as usual can apply. However, due to limited facilities and staffing, we may not be able to meet your request.

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How to take care of my pet ? #StayAnicom
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Step 1.
Make an inquiry through the application form.

Step 2.
People who have not close contact with the infected person take their pets to the facility.

Step 3.
Take care of your pet at Anicom’s facility. When the treatment is over, the animal will return to owner.

Visit formThe language of the link is only Japanese

Pet owner’s cases vary from large dogs, to pets other than dogs and cats, to large numbers, and so on, but Anicom will give you the maximum they can now. You can find a lot of daily information on Anicom’s SNS. If anything happens, check ahead of time so you don’t get anxious about your pet.🐶

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Facebook: anicomgroup
Instagram: @anicom8256