Stylish shoes that dress the feet of lower limb orthotics, wheelchairs and prosthetic users.

LUYL Inc. in Saitama will start online sales of fashionable shoes for people with various disabilities on May 7, 2020.

Why for persons with disabilities?

The CEO, Sachiko Fuseda, is a Japanese woman with two disabilities, and the company launched its fashion brand “Mana’olana” two years ago. Mana’olana is a new option for persons with disabilities, proposing designs that are fashionable for adults, yet accommodating to various disabilities. The point of view of the person concerned is utilized, and it is easy to dress in your own way even if you wear a leg brace.

“Some people have difficulty going out even if they weren’t affected by the coronavirus. We wanted to create an opportunity for more people with disabilities to see our products more closely, so we opened an online shop.” She says.

Visit Online shopThe language of the link is only Japanese

What kind of designs?

Mana'olana shoe for women
Photo / Mana’olana
Mana'olana shoe for men
Photo / Mana’olana

Men’s shoes are also available, and they are very fashionable. It takes a couple of months for the shoes to be delivered, but which is good news for those who are seeking nice one.

How to wear women’s shoes

How to wear men’s shoes

The idea and beauty for with fit leg braces.

It has a good looks that has never been seen in orthotic-compatible shoes before. Moreover, the device that can put on and take off even with one hand is done, and it seems to be popular from the user that it is easy to take off and put on easily.

The left and right can be buy in different sizes.

Mana’olana shoes can be purchased in different sizes for each side. This is because feet with lower leg braces are often one size larger. Also, the length of the belt can be semi-ordered.

Try-on and careful counseling

Their dedicated staff, who have worked with many customers with disabilities, will listen carefully online and make suggestions for your foot condition.

They are very stylish and no different from my shoes. If you are concerned about your shoes, try contact them.

Website: Mana’olana
Instagram: @sachiko_fu