The “&be” cosmetics produced by Yusuke Kawakita are very popular. It is becoming more and more popular overseas.

Yusuke Kawakita, a hair and make-up artist who has worked extensively in magazines, catalogues and advertisements, started the cosmetic brand “&be”, which is rapidly gaining popularity among Japanese women. He has more than 240,000 followers on Instagram and his recognition among foreign women is steadily increasing.

His posts are mostly make-up photos of actresses. Notice the natural yet classy makeup. “I want to be able to do this kind of makeup myself!” It is immensely popular with women who think that.

What’s noteworthy about the “&be” brand concept is that it’s not just aimed at young women. Be sure to check out our stylish website too!

From the perspective of both a hair and make-up artist and a parent raising a child, we will create items related to life that can be adapted to life. We want people from beauty lovers to those with sensitive skin, children and men to enjoy using this product.

&be website
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What kind of items are popular?

A hot topic of conversation is the UV milk of &be, which sold out as soon as it was released in Japan. I was also surprised to see that this UV milk has a non-chemical formula, but it has SPF 50 and PA++++!!

Even though it has PA++++, it is an evolved type of UV milk that is moisturized and makes your skin look beautiful. It’s an excellent item that gives you a sense of clarity while protecting you from UV rays. It’s also recommended for men.

It is difficult to get it in Japan also, but if you use Rakuten Global Market, you can also ship it overseas. They are now sold at the same list price as in Japan. It may sell out, but if you live outside of Japan, make a check to do so! It makes a great gift for people who love Japanese beauty and cosmetics.


&be / UV cut milk 116g

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&be / UV cut milk / natural beige 30g

Rakuten Grobal

&be / High concentrate VC mist 120ml

Rakuten Grobal