The best rich can foods in japan to order. The demand for canned goods is increasing.

Rare Japanese canned foods “Kanzume” are very popular now. We post some of the best Japanese canned goods you can order. The Japanese have started to STAY HOME also. So everyone going shopping less often, the need for canned food which is a preserved food, has increasted.

According to Nikkei POS information, sales of canned meat (such as yakitori and corned beef) in March 2020 will increase 40% yoy. Online orders for canned goods increased 3.4 times in April compared to March of the previous year, according to the company. The canned mackerel craze has been going on in Japan since 2017, and it’s still going strong. There are some excellent canned foods that are rarely available due to the fact that they are manufactured in small numbers.

Uni Sea urchin consommé gelée


Have you ever heard of “CANTUMA (缶つま) canned goods” series, which are popular because they can be used as “Otsumami snacks” as soon as you open them? The “sea urchin consommé julée” from this series is excellent. There are other types of canned sea urchin, but this is the only one julée type of its kind. The consommé flavor is unobtrusive and makes for an elegant appetizer when served on crackers. Your home can be turned into a restaurant in no time!

Cream of Ise-lobster soup
by Shima Kanko Hotel


This authentic French canned lobster soup is made by crushing the Ise-ebi lobster shells and boiling the soup.The color is bright orange and the flavor is rich in itself. Open in an ovenproof dish, drizzle with whipped cream and heat in the oven to make it even better. You can enjoy the soup of a long-established Japanese restaurant at home.

“KAKI MISO” miso mixed with oyster sauce
by can naturel


A new dish called “oyster miso” created by a venture canning company in Kyoto. This is a new food ingredient made into a paste of steamed oysters “Tama Seiro” (珠せいろ) from the Harimanada Sea (播磨灘), which is made by a patented method. You can directly taste the concentrated umami of oysters. This product is a collaboration between “Maruto Suisan (マルト水産)”, which produces the Prime Minister’s Award-winning “Tama-Seiro”, and “Cannaturel (カンナチュール)”.

by montmarche

鮪とろ ブラックレーベル

It’s the most expensive can of tuna in the world at 5400 yen (tax included) for 90 grams per can. They use only toro from albacore tuna (ビンチョウマグロ Bintyou maguro) caught in the Kesennuma fishing port. The tuna toro is also soaked in Black Label, a Spanish ex-virgin olive oil that has won multiple gold medals in world competitions.

There were no sites that supported international shipping, as they always sold out in japan soooo quickly when they were released.
You can see the official website in Japanese only.

TOSA-JIRO ajillo
by Hatayama Muraku


Do you know about “TOSA JIRO”, a chicken from Kochi Prefecture that has been introduced as a Phantom Jidori Chicken?

The canned Tosa-jiro ahijo is made by Hatayama Muraku, the producer of the canned chicken, and Breast meat, thigh meat and chicken breast, each part of which has a different texture and flavor. Even rarer is the “Tosa-jiro Liver Ahijo”. This includes gizzard, liver and hearts (hatsu). Even if Japanese people, it is difficult to buy these because of the low production and the popularity of them. We’ll update you when have sales information!

Wild boar JIBIE meet
by Oochi yamakujira


This set includes three types of canned jibier made from wild boar grown in the rich nature of Shimane. Additive-free and colorless, each can is hand-prepared and packaged by hand. It’s supervised by a chef of famous restaurant, and there’s no smell of meat at all!

*Braised wild boar meat with spices (200g)
*Braised wild boar meat in black beer (200g)
*Pot-au-feu with wild boar meat (440g)

Rich Japanese chocolate with brown sugar
by Kuroshio Town Canning Factory


Canned sweets too! A canned product from the Kuroshio-cho Canning Factory in Kochi Prefecture is a “Rich Japanese chocolate with brown sugar”. This is an original sweets with brown sugar and cocoa kneaded and looks like a traditional Japanese dessert “yokan”.

However, because of the cocoa, it is also like a Western confectionery and you can taste both Japanese and Western at the same time. This company’s canned foods are allergen-free and chemical seasoning-free. It seems that this one is already almost sold out in Japan. There are several pages that allow international shipping, but currently only set packages are available.

This was a post to the canned goods that have sold out one after another in Japan. All of them are really popular and even Japanese people are waiting for their turn. How about some richer than usual canned food for STAYHOME?