Wagashi Nerikiri Kit with picture book to experience at home.

This is a hands-on picture book kit that allows parents and children to make and eat Japanese traditional wagashi “Nerikirii”. The set “さわってつくってたべる絵本 (means A picture book you can touch it, make it, eat it with your hands)” includes a picture book and a kneading kit, so parents and children can try their hand at making wagashi together according to the story in the picture book.

This kneading kit is made by “Oharakihonpo Daitokuya Chōshū (小原木本舗 大徳屋長久)“, a Japanese wagashi shop with 300 years of history in Mie. The story and pictures for the picture book were created by つむぱぱ @tsumugitopan, a popular Instagrammer who uses cartoons to introduce his own child-rearing activities.

You can enjoy making Japanese sweets by following a picture book, so you can easily experience food education while playing at home with kids.

What kind of kit is it?

Wagashi Nerikiri kit
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The basic set consists of a picture book and Nerikiri. The story is about a Gozenban (御膳番 ごぜんばん) who is busy cooking for a selfish and gourmand princess.

What is the Gozenban (御膳番 ごぜんばん) ?
– In the Edo period in Japan, this was the role of the person in prepare of the meals of the monarch. In addition to the preparation of the meal, the Gozenban also poisonous taste before the “Shogun” ate.

Pitucure book in Wagashi Nerikiri kit
IMAGE / 株式会社wacle
Pitucure book in Wagashi Nerikiri kit
IMAGE / 株式会社wacle

This is a hands-on kit that challenges you to make Japanese sweets while reading a cute picture book. There will be more types of picture books and nerikiri in the future.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy them in online shop.

*Picture book + kneading set
*kneading only
You can choose from lineups.

What kind of nerikiri?

Wagashi Nerikiri kit with kids
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The five basic ones. The difficulty level is from 1 to 5, and a leaf 葉っぱ, a cherry blossom さくら, an iris あやめ, a chrysanthemum 菊, and a rose 薔薇 are in the lineup.

Wagashi Nerikiri kit ver. May
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A limited edition set is now on sale to celebrate the May event in Japan. There are pandas, “Koinobori (鯉のぼり) meaning carp streamers ” and carnations.

Visit ShopThe language of the link is only Japanese

Is it hard to make?

Wagashi Nerikiri kit with kids
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The recipe is listed in the picture book. You can also watch the video on YouTube and try your hand at making while learning Japanese.

Why did they make this kit?

Daitokuya Chōshū is the wagashi shop in Mie that has been in business for 300 years since the Edo period. Mr. Hisatsugu Takeguchi, the 16th generation, says, “In recent years, I feel that Japanese sweets have become a distant existence for the younger generation due to the spread of various western sweets and sweets.”

“How can we make Japanese sweets more enjoyable for children? Can we provide opportunities to touch them in their daily lives?” They developed this kit with this in mind. “I hope that “さわってつくってたべる絵本” will be a valuable time for children, and that it will also be an opportunity for children to communicate with their busy mothers and fathers.” He said.

And つむぱぱ (tsumupapa), who is also a designer, looked at the potential of wagashi as a communication tool. Wagashi is designed to look like artworks. The value of wagashi is not only to eat them. It is to enjoy them with our eyes, and a seemingly laborious process sometimes, and this is also Japanese traditional culture. So it became a picture book where children can also enjoy wagashi, touch it, make it, and eat it.

This is a Nerikiri kit with these thoughts in it.

It’s a fun kit for both children and adults and comes with an nice picture book. It’s also great for educational and food education, so it’s recommended for treat parties and gifts.

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