Are you in the pinch of returning home because you can’t get a job in japan? Recuriting company crobo, may be able to help you.

crobo Inc. is helping foreigners who are facing sudden restructuring and the threat of being forced to return to their home countries due to the effects of Covid-19 to find employment.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of Japanese companies that are suspending hiring activities, restructuring or canceling job offers due to Covid-19.

In order to support foreigners who love Japan and want to make their dreams come true in Japan, crobo is offering job-hunting support for a limited period of time by offering free introductions to companies.

If you look at crobo’s Facebook page, you’ll see that they’re updating their job postings in Japan now. It may help you to keep your visa. Let’s get in touch. Approximately N2 level is required for the JLPT.

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Support them with crowdfunding!

If you’d like to support crobo’s work, you can do so with the Japanese crowdfunding site “ready for”. We can support them with credit cards from all over the world.

How to support by credit card

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In addition, Japanese companies that have seen crobo’s press release will receive the recruitment service for free until May 29, 2020. If you are a Japanese company or a foreigner in trouble, try to contact crobo. May it reach the people who want to work and live in Japan!😊