Are you worried about your job search ? “Connect Job Hunting Hotline” will provide free consultations until April 30.

The “Connect Job Job Hunting Hotline” was launched on March 12, 2020, in response to a number of concerns raised by international students in Japan due to the impact of COVID-19, such as “it is difficult to judge which company to apply to because of the cancellation of job hunting consultations” and “it is difficult to gather information on small and medium-sized companies and venture companies.

The operating company is the Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation.

The use of this hotline has been extended until April 30. Any international student who is concerned about whether or not he or she can find a job can consult with us free of charge.

How to use it?

The “Connect Job Hunting Hotline” is entirely online and by appointment only, and a career counselor from Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation is available to answer questions and consult with international students.

1. Please submit your name on the at least two business days prior to your desired consultation date.

2.A booking form will be sent to you by email and you will be able to fill out the form (you can choose your preferred language and date).

3.You will receive an email with a confirmed date and URL for the online consultation.

4.Access the URL to the confirmed schedule.

What languages are supported?

It is available in eight languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Nepali, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

Group consultations are available in Japanese and English.

*Time may be limited depending on the language.
*If there are too many applicants, the program may be conducted as a group.

If you are an international student who is worried about how to find a job in Japan, why don’t you use this service?

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