Sumi-e images of Japanese seasonal foods drawn by a Kyoto artist.

Art-like Ink painting “sumi-e (墨絵)” food images are now available to buy online shop “SUMINE”. The online shop offers a wide range of products and materials drawn in sumi-e. More works will be added from time to time by them. Sumi-e motifs currently available are seasonal fishes from Japan.

– Sweetfish (鮎,ayu)
– Crabs (蟹)
– Daggertooth pike conger (鱧, hamo)
– Ise shrimp (伊勢海老, ise-ebi)
– Octopuses (蛸)
– Red seabream (鯛)
– Pufferfish (河豚)
– Tuna (まぐろ)
– Japanese eel (うなぎ, Unagi)
– Salmon (鮭)

SUMINE produces in-store products and designs for Japanese food-related companies. Launched in 2020, SUMINE bland aims to promote Japanese food culture “Washoku” and branding for restaurants.

What kind of items offer?


Currently, image materials and fan-shaped luncheon mats are on sale for a limited time, while Japanese washi paper lanterns “Chochin” with sumi-e paintings will be available from June 1, 2020. It is recommended for Japanese restaurant owners and designers.

Visit ShopThe language of the link is only Japanese

Who is the artist?

Takanori Mine (ミネ タカノリ) the sumi-e artist. He was born in Kyoto, Japan, and has been studying design specializing in food and drink. He is obsessed with the best sumi-e expression that compliments the products and ingredients in the store.

Click here to visit SUMINE’s brand website. Take a look at nice works examples of thier work.


There are many types of sumi-e: Hakubyou-ga 白描画, Butsu-ga 仏画 (painting of Buddha), Sumi-e 墨絵, and Suiboku-ga 水墨画. Call these together sumi-e. Did you know the difference between Sumi-e and Suiboku-ga? Both of them were painted with ink, but they are roughly classified according to whether they use water or not.

Sumi-e is to draw a flat picture using only lines without using water. It skillfully uses both thick and thin brushes to express view of the world beautifully.

Suiboku-ga is the art of drawing a picture with a three-dimensional expression by diluting the ink with water and adding a gradation.

If I look it up, it’s a very profound ink painting. If you buy images of SUMINE, you will receive it by E-mail. Make use of images by sumi-e artists!