The best Onsen in Shodoshima – Kagawa

Onsen and the public bath in Shodoshima, Kagawa. This is an introduction to a Day-use onsen facility where you can enter only onsen without stay. There are also Onsen where you can enjoy an outdoor onsen while looking at the Seto Inland Sea.

San Olive onsen in Olive Park

Photo / サン・オリーブ温泉

There are 8 types of natural onsen in the Shodoshima Olive Park where you can see the seto inland sea. There are herbal baths for relaxation, relaxation baths for massage, saunas and open-air baths. There is a restaurant and a souvenir shop, so you can enjoy all day long.

Price: adult 700 yen / child 400 yen / rental towels 100yen
Open hours: 12:00 AM to 9:45 PM

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Olive Onsen

Photo / オリーブ温泉

It is located in the Marunaka (マルナカ) supermarket in tonosho. We recommend the open-air onsen with a view of the sea and the comfortable sauna. The supermarket also has a Japanese karaoke room. My best onsen in shodoshima!

Area: Tonosho
Price: adult 700 yen / child 350 yen / rental towels 100yen
Open hours: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM

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Free shuttle bus available

There is a free shuttle bus that connects Tonosho Port Terminal (土庄港) to Olive Onsen.

From Tonosho Port TerminalFrom Olive Onsen

Boarding area at Tonosho Port Terminal

A car with a Olive Onsen sticker is parked in front of Tonosho Port speedboat ramp.

note: *The lunch time schedule may be cancelled at times.

Olivian Onsen

Photo / オリビアンの湯

This hot spring is located in the Resort Hotel Olivian Shodoshima, which was once voted the third best hotel in Japan for its beautiful sunset. Hotel guests can take a hot spring bath free of charge. The open-air bath at the time of the setting sun is recommended.

Price: adult 800 yen / child 500 yen (with face and bath towels)
Open hours: 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM

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Shio no Yu

Photo / オーキドホテル塩の湯

Shio no yu is located in the Okido Hotel , right in front of Tonosho Port Terminal. There is also a bike rental station, so it is recommended to go in after cycling. The facility is small but has a sauna.

Area: Tonosho
Price: adult 600 yen / child 300 yen / rental towels 200yen
Open hours: 3:00 PM to 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM

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Yoshida Onsen

Photo / 吉田温泉ふれあいの湯

This onsen located in Shodoshima Auto Village YOSHIDA. This is an auto-campground where the nature of Shodoshima is concentrated and there is a coin-operated laundry. It’s a long way from each town so I recommend stopping by with a rental car.

Area: Yoshida
Price: adult 400 yen / child 200 yen / Only hot shower 100yen (24hours)
Open hours: 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Holiday: Tuesdays.

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Shodoshima hotels with Onsen

This is a list of hotels that are not day-use onsen, but have good onsen that only guests can enter.


A large outdoor onsen with an excellent view is located on the top floor of the hotel. There is an extra charge, but it is the only private open-air onsen in Shodoshima. This can be rented out to four or five people. The price is 3,000 yen (tax included) for 45 minutes.

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Shodoshima International Hotel

The hotel is right in front of the Angel Road. Here you can experience “Olive no Yu (オリーブの湯)” and “Hama no Yu (浜の湯)”. The hotel has an executive room with an outdoor onsen on the top floor!

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Shimayado mari / Ryokan
島宿 真里

This is a most high-class onsen ryokan in Shodoshima . All rooms have a onsen and a terrace. You can enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere room and the beautiful cuisine of Shodoshima. It’s a very relaxing facility with a lot of foreign customers, and an annex, Umioto Mari Umioto 海音 真里, is opening in 2019. I highly recommend it!

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Kokuminshukusha Shodoshima
国民宿舎 小豆島

This is a large hotel located near Shodoshima Furusato Village (小豆島ふるさと村). The hotel also has a “beauty bath (美人の湯)” with a view of the setting sun. This is a good place for group trips and student camps. You can enjoy the Seto Inland Sea with a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

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ビーチサイドホテル 鹿島荘

The hotel is close to Angel Road. The open-air baths “Bijin no Yu (美人の湯)” and “Daishi no Yu (大師の湯)” are also available here. The hotel also has a coffee lounge, which is convenient for sightseeing.

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Shodoshima Grand Hotel Suimei

It has an open-air bath and a large bath with a view of the sea. The open-air bath “Namikiri no Yu (波切りの湯)” is an interesting hot spring bath that was converted into a boat. Close to Angel Road, it is recommended for sightseeing.

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Hotel Green Plaza Shodoshima

The hotel is located on a hill with a good view, although it is a little far from Tonosho Port. An open-air onsen with a view of the setting sun and a Jacuzzi and sauna are also included. You can relax in the wood deck space.

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Celeste Shodoshima

It’s not big, but there is a Jacuzzi with a view of the sea. It is a modern hotel with an art gallery. A Japanese-style room with a view of the sea is recommended.

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Tenku Hotel Kairo
天空ホテル 海廬 (かいろ)

The hotel is located on a hill in the Tonosho area and overlooks the Angel Road. You can also see Angel Road from the open-air onsen. The modern lobby and rooms are lovely.

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Hotel New Umikaze

It’s an old-fashioned hotel. There is no open-air bath, but a large bath is attached. It’s a bit away from the downtown area, so you’ll be able to stay quietly.

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Did you like it? Shodoshima is about an hour away from Takamatsu by ferry. Many foreign visitors to Japan come from Takamatsu on a day trip only, but a few days of fun is very recommended. The local onsen on Shodoshima have few people and everyone is very kind, so you can relax. ♨

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