Sashimi turns into Ariel or Rapunzel. The “Sashimi Art” created by Japanese skill and sense is a hot topic.

“Sashimi art” artist @mikyou00’s beautiful creations have become the talk of the town on Twitter and Instagram. Fillets of fish sold in supermarkets have been transformed into amazing shapes.

Disney’s Ariel.


The Octopus Woman.

Famous paintings, even the girl with the pearl earring!

These Sashimi arts are made with yellowtail fish, salmon, tuna, octopus, snapper, and largehead hairtail etc.

According to the interview published in the Maidona News, the reason why he started sashimi art is “there is a way to make thin sashimi of puffer fish called ‘Tsurumori 鶴盛り’, and I decided to try to make the crane sashimi with other fish.”.

He has great skill of Kitchen knife, but he is not a cook, and he could not use a knife at all until 3 years ago. In order to eat well by himself, he was continued honed his kitchen knife skills for serving beautiful sashimi, and he discovered sashimi art.

He uses only a willow-blade knife (Yanagi ba knife) and serving chopsticks when cooking, and his most recent creations take about 10 to 30 minutes to finish, and he says he is most concerned about freshness for eating.

If you go back to mikyoui00’s instagram post, he’s been uploading very beautiful sashimi creations for about 3 years now. It would be great if sashimi art could be prepared for an event or party. Let’s keep an eye on mikyoui00’s activities!

Instagram: @mikyoui00
Twitter: @mikyoui00