Experience Japanese ikebana in your home or office.

KAKITOKAZAI (カキトカザイ) is a service for experiencing ikebana (いけばな) at home. This service meets the expectations of those who want to enjoy flowers on a regular basis as if you are in a class at home, and those who want to decorate own homes with seasonal flowers every month. Kakitokazai is a regular service that allows you to receive a seasonal set of fresh flowers every month and your ikebana skills up.

What’s in the service?


Kakiitokazai is an assortment of natural plants cut from the fields and mountains of Shizuoka that arrives regularly. You will also receive all the tools you need. You can feel the change of the seasons with ikebana, which is difficult to feel in the bigcity.

  • Price: 7,400 yen per month (excluding tax and shipping)
    *Service must be submitted for 3 months or more
  • Shipping: Delivered on the first Saturday or second Wednesday of the month.

First time

*Vase (white or black)
*Flower material (choised by artisans from Shizuoka)
*Special scissors


Vase with beautiful form

The vases you can choose from are handcrafted by Traditional craft artisans and japanese lacquer “Urushi” artisans.


Scissors made with traditional techniques and advanced technology

It is the scissors of “Sakagen 坂源” established in 1905 in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata, which is known as a town of manufacturing. It is of high quality and even women can cut branches and flowering material with little force.

After the second time

*Flower material only

*They can not to deliver to Kyushu, Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands and remote areas.
*Membership registration is required to purchase.
*The website is in Japanese only.

Visit SiteThe language of the link is only Japanese

Particular style

Traditional Crafts


This vase is painted in white or black Urishi and has a nice aroma of Japanese cypress “Hinoki”. Use it with care and experiencing the traditional techniques.

The life force of a mountain


The flowers are made from surplus resources in the mountains of Shizuoka. If someone are not taken care of the mountains, they will fall into disrepair. Kakitokazai is thinking about living in harmony with nature.

Japanese ikebana artist Yuki Tsuji


Yuki Tsuji (辻 雄貴), a ikebana artist who is active in Japan and abroad, supervises the products service. He is a flower arranger who has been expanding his activities on a global scale, including space production and production of Noh (能) stages.

And Kakiitokazai is also available as a gift. Do you care about this service in japan? Also check out their Instagram for beautiful photos posted.

Instagram: @kakikazai