You can enjoy the National Science Museum in Ueno for free at home with 3D view and VR!

The National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno, Tokyo is currently closed temporarily. They provide 3D view and VR contents of the exhibition rooms in the museum for everyone to enjoy at home.

The video was produced in cooperation with the Virtual Reality Innovation Organization “VRIO” (一般社団法人VR革新機構), and the entire exhibition room was photographed in high resolution. You can experience the appreciation of the museum as if you were in the National Science Museum from the comfort of your own home.

PHOTO / 3DView-VR-国立科学博物館

Where can I see it?

SCREENSHOT / 国立科学博物館

You can see it on the special site here. It starts at midnight on April 24, 2020! *Japan time
You can see Japan pavilion and Global pavilion are available in two types.

You can view the 3D view image on a pc or a smartphone. VR goggles or VR glasses are required to view VR images.

Visit SiteThe language of the link is only Japanese

In addition, the VRIO also volunteeres to take movie of other tourist facilities. The aim is to take movie tourist facilities that have to be closed so that they can be put online for customers. Their volunteer acction will continue in May.

I also love the National Museum in Ueno, which is fun for adults to visit. Content distribution that can be enjoyed at home while people are refraining from going out is on the rise in Japan. I hope the kids have fun with you. We’re about to start!👀