The best food from Toyosu fish Market is delivered to your home.

The home delivery service has launched that delivers the best of Toyosu Fish Market fish and vegetable to your home in fresh condition. Service name is “TOYOSU NO KIWAMI (豊洲の極)”. Fresh fish, shellfish, crustaceans, dried fish, fruits and vegetables, etc. carefully selected by a veteran wholesaler are delivered to your home fresh.

With this, you will receive rare food that are only distributed through a limited number of routes and are hard to find in supermarkets ourself. It’s a must-see for gastronomists !

Two types of luxury plans

豊洲の極 set
Photo / 豊洲の極

15,000 yen course (1 time)
For 2 to 3 person.

Example of food ingredients

*The best fresh fish / about 2 kinds.
*Sea urchin, salmon roe, shellfish, crustaceans, dried fish / about 2 kinds
*Seasonaly vegetables / about 3 kinds
*The finest fruits / about 1 kind

豊洲の極 set
Photo / 豊洲の極

25,000 yen course (1 time)
For 3-5 person or parties

Example of food ingredients

*The best fresh fish / about 4 kinds.
*Sea urchin, salmon roe, shellfish, crustaceans, dried fish / about 3 kinds
*Seasonaly vegetables / about 5 kinds
*The finest fruits / about 2 kind

*If you would like to have a fish wholesaled in three pieces, you can ask with them after purchase.
*You can discuss your preferences and dislikes after purchase.
*The content and quantity may be adjusted as they carefully select from the day’s stock.

Plan and Frequency for a month.

You can choose how often you want the two courses to be delivered. You can choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Tips: This is a subscription service, but if you are not satisfied with your first trial, you can cancel it immediately.

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Asked Questions

Where are delivery areas?

  • Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Yamanashi, and Nagano. Arriving on the same day in the 23 wards of Tokyo and the next day in other wards.

How much is shipping?

  • Within 23 wards of Tokyo: 1,180 yen. Other than the above: 2,500 yen

How can I change the delivery date?

  • It is possible to respond until 23:59, three business days before. They will contact you by email or LINE.

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Why this service?

This food delivery service is operated by Wealth Dining Inc.

They says, “With the new coronavirus, it’s harder to eat out than it used to be, Increasingly, we hear from food lovers, that their opportunities to eat delicious food have diminished drastically. At the same time, producers and distributors across the Japan, especially at Toyosu Market, have suffered tremendous damage. Supporting these people, who have supported Japan’s food culture, will lead to the preservation of Japan’s wonderful food culture.

By disseminating a service that brings the highest quality foods from Toyosu, TOYOSU NO KIWAMI hopes to contribute to the preservation of both the excitement and joy of eating delicious food and the people who support Japan’s food culture.”


It’s a good service for gourmets to receive carefully selected and rare foods, although it’s currently only delivered to the Kanto region. They also seem to offer an optional service where a professional chef can travel to your home to make the best of the best meals.