A part of international mail to the United States will be stopped in japan post office.

The Post Office Service in japan is no longer able to ship some international mail to the United States due to further international flight reductions and cancellations. Therefore, the post office will not be able to accept some international mail from Friday, April 24.

Temporarily suspended baggage.

  • EMS
  • Parcel post by air
  • Regular post by air (Small packages and printed materials)

*SAL has already been suspended.

Acceptable baggage

  • Parcel post by ship
  • Regular post by ship or air (Letters, postal postcards, and mail for the blind)
  • Regular post by ship (Small packages and printed materials)


Substantial delays are expected in future mailings as well.
The baggage deposit so far will be sent out by the remaining airmail in due course. However, using EMS mail as an example, it is expected to take up to four months to ship. If you want to get your mail back, contact the post office where you deposited your mail.

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And the opening hours of Japanese post offices will be shortened. Read more here.