Free handmade bread kits for 10,000 households! Consuming an overstock of flour.

The online shop cotta, which sells ingredients for confectionery and baking, has a handmade bread kit “Completed in 1 hour! The initiative to give away free “magical chocolate chigiri bread” to 10,000 households will start on April 22. Limited to first time users of cotta.

How did you come up with this idea?

Currently, due to Covid-19, there is an excess inventory of flour and other items that were scheduled to be delivered to hotels and restaurants. In an effort to reduce this inventory and to help people enjoy their time at home, we have created a homemade bread kit for the home, “Completed in 1 hour! a magical chocolate chigiri bread” was produced. *chigiri means “tear off”.

Home baking is not a common practice in Japan. Cotta operates this service with the hope that many people will experience the joy and deliciousness of homemade bread.

What’s in the kit?

PHOTO / えん食べ

The kit includes Japanese wheat strong flour, instant dry yeast, chocolate chips, recipe, freezer bag, and a heat-resistant baking mold. A total of 2,300 yen worth of gifts will be given away.

This is a quick recipe that allows you to make the measuring, kneading and fermentation process in a single freezer bag.

PHOTO / cotta

How to buy it?

Applications will be accepted from around 11am on April 22 and will close while supplies last. The kit itself is free, but the actual shipping cost will be 500 yen. Limited to first-time cotta users and limited to one gift per household. Deliveries will start in late April.

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