A washable mask made of 100% Japanese traditional Washi paper is now available.

Have you been wearing a mask for a long time every day and are you tired or experiencing skin problems?

“WAKOH Co., Ltd. (株式会社 和興)” in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, which is a Merriyas sewing manufacturer company with a long history of 90 years, made use of the sewing technology to make 100% Washi knit material.

Washable Washi 100% mask made in Japan, is made of Washi paper, but has a soft and moist feel to the skin. And this Washi mask gently relieves the stress of “mask fatigue”. Compared to general cotton and other materials, it is less fluffy due to washing and is more durable.

This company had been developing knitwear (cut-and-sew material) that was particular about 100% Japanese paper for several years.

This is an original material made by WAKOH, using “Echizen Washi” yarn from Fukui Prefecture, which was developed through a trial and error process with a knitting manufacturer and a dyeing factory in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

This material was exhibited at the “Pitti Immagine Uomo 97 in Florence”and “The 89th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2020”, where it received high praise!

You can purchase this mask online, but it is currently only shipped within Japan.

Why mask of Japanese Washi paper?

Wakoh says started to produce and sell masks made of washi paper because of the three characteristics.

Antibacterial and deodorizing

It has been confirmed that the power of Washi paper has an antibacterial effect about eight times greater than that of cotton. They don’t use No antibacterial processing using chemical products is performed.

Moisture control

Washi paper has the ability to regulate humidity as the environment changes, so it will keep your skin well moisturized even if you use it long time.

UV cut

The bark of Manila hemp which is the raw material of Washi paper, it has the ability to block UV rays.

What kind of company is WAKOH?


The company started its sewing business in Sumida-ku, Tokyo in 1934. Focusing on its own factory in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture, the company is engaged in the manufacture of high value-added cut-and-sew clothes that take advantage of 100% domestic production.

And in addition to the OEM apparel production business, the company is actively taking on new challenges such as the development of original materials and the production of corporate uniforms.

Visit WAKOH siteThe language of the link is Japanese

Where can I buy it?


You can buy it at WAKOH’s online shop. If you translate Japanese web pages to own language by use Google Translate or something, you will be able to understand the content. It is now available for pre-order and will be shipped on from April 28, 2020. *It is currently only shipped within Japan.


By Japanese product reviews that have already been purchased include.
“I used to have trouble wearing masks for long time due to dry skin, but that’s getting better!”
“The coloring is stylish.”
“I’m happy with the smooth texture.” and so on.

Buy nowThe language of the link is Japanese

According to Wakoh’s Instagram, they say “it was very surprising for many response to Washi masks on this week”. If you are interested in Japanese traditional Washi paper and made in Japan products, please check it out.😊